Driving TCO: A Business Case for Diesel Rotary UPS

Critical Power North America – Thursday, August 4th

Will Cisler is Vice President, Engineering, Hitec Power Protection, Inc.

In the world of uninterrupted power, the tendency is to solve the problem with a static UPS system. Few engineers and owners know that there are more efficient systems available at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. This presentation deals with the numerous cost factors that go into a complete analysis of the available technologies, and delivers a stunning conclusion that may change the way you approach your next project. The audience will learn to count critical cost components, incorporate capital reductions, and identify the strategies that can drive the lowest TCO.

Will Cisler Head ShotWill Cisler is Vice President, Engineering, USA, for Hitec Power Protection, Inc., a global technology leader in dynamic UPS systems for the supply of uninterruptible, continuous, and conditioned power to business critical applications. Will is a sought-after speaker at many of the top industry events, and a 20-year veteran of the mission-critical industry. He is also the author of several recent published articles on UPS design, energy efficiency, and rotary technology.

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