Gas Engine Power System: Green Alternative for Backup Diesel Generators

Critical Power North America – Thursday, August 4th

Adam Rajewski, Data Center Technology Manager, Wartsila Energy Solutions

This session is provide a concept of using on-site natural gas-fired combustion engine plant for emergency data center power supply. Such a plant would normally operate as a normal flexible generating station, but at the same time ensure uninterrupted availability of emergency power to a data center in case it is needed, fully replacing traditional diesel generators. The session contains results of economic simulations and technical studies, which conclusively demonstrate that this approach may lead to financial benefits for both data center and power plant operators, while reducing overall data center environmental footprint.

AdamAdam is a power generation expert, holder of a masters degree in power engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology. Adam has been working for Wrtsil Energy Solutions sales department for eight years. Recently, he has been directly involved in development of a new concept and design of gas-fired power plants dedicated for data center applications. Adam has also participated in several analytical projects aimed at introducing combustion engine technology to new markets and presented multiple papers at international power generation conferences. Besides his work for Wrtsil, Adam works part time for his alma mater as an academic teacher and researcher.

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