Hybrid Minigrids Providing Reliable Power in Harsh Environments

Critical Power North America – Thursday, August 4th

Frank Pendleton, Program Manager, MRIGlobal

Hybrid minigrids using diesel generators and renewable sources (e.g., PV, wind, and battery) represent a growing global market. Since 2003, MRIGlobal has designed, deployed, operated and maintained diesel-generator minigrids for the US military. Adding renewable sources provides clean reliable energy from an optimized configuration of solar panels and batteries, with supplemental national-grid and diesel generators. These minigrids can be grid-tied, islanded, or linked for distributed power over a larger area. This presentation compares the requirements and resulting designs for: MRIGlobal operated diesel minigrids currently supporting US troops deployed to conflict; a Lake Victoria US TDA grant for a market survey, pilot minigrid, and demonstration of market viability on selected islands in Lake Victoria, Tanzania; two hybrid minigrids on existing MRIGlobal operated Ebola laboratories in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

FrankFrank Pendleton is a Program Manager at MRIGlobal. He has spent the past 12 years directing MRIGlobal project teams in the design, construction, deployment, and maintenance of over 25 microgrids supporting deployed US assets in harsh remote environments. More recently, Mr. Pendleton has integrated renewable energy components to this microgrid power generation, storage, distribution, and conditioning technology. The resulting hybrid systems provide are relable, islandable, portable, modular, and scalable. They also include many useful features such as load-sharing, load-shedding, peak-shaving, and power conditioning. Mr. Pendleton currently specializes in refining these systems both for military applications and also for providing power to remote communities in developing countries that currently have no access to electricity.

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