Regulatory Compliance for Onsite Power Stakeholders

Critical Power North America – Thursday, August 4th

Regulatory Compliance for Onsite Power Stakeholders

Tom Buchal, Senior Consultant, Intertek AIM

With questions surrounding the reliability of the electric grid, trends including the increase in number of critical loads, the integration of electrical accommodation of onsite power into a buildings wiring scheme, and increasing infrastructure needs, onsite power generation has become more common and of increasing importance. Understanding the regulatory environment and how to comply has never been more important, especially with Emergency Systems and Critical Operations Power Systems. There are many key players and stakeholders in the onsite power arena. Foremost are those users and agencies requiring the availability of on-site power at all times. Other stakeholders include manufacturers, installers, spec-writers, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) in North America, and Nationally Recognized Testing Labs (NRTLs). For timely and proper commissioning and assured availability, it is important that electrical compliance is not overlooked. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that all onsite power equipment carry an NRTL label of approval such as a listing, classification, or field safety label. During this presentation attendees will gain an understanding of critical standards and regulations specific to onsite power; particularly the additional requirements for the design, commissioning and continued operation of critical power applications. These standards and codes include product safety standards, the National Electrical Code and several NFPA standards such as NFPA 99, 110 and 1600. The logistics of obtaining the proper approvals, including the required risk assessments for COPS will also be discussed. Through a working knowledge of compliance criteria, manufacturers and owners will be better prepared for timely commissioning, mitigating safety risks and extra evaluation costs due to gaps in compliance and improper design; in short good business.

TomTom Buchal has more than 30 years of certification experience in the power generation, industrial, HVACR, and energy-related fields. At Intertek, he assists clients with preliminary design reviews and compliance issues related to industrial, gas and oil, and conventional and renewable energy disciplines as a Senior Consultant. Mr. Buchal works closely with certification bodies to expedite the certification process for clients and ensure their products attain compliance with national and international standards. His experience includes engineering supervision and review of energy services projects, including overall wind turbine generator assessments, compliance assessments for fossil fuel based power generation and evaluations of major components. Mr. Buchal is active in a number of technical and standards development organizations, has authored several industry publications, and speaks at industry and standards development events on a regular basis.

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