Vantage Data Centers Launches Critical Facilities Management Services

Vantage Data Centers, a provider of data center solutions in support of mission-critical applications, has launched of its Critical Facilities Management services, a suite of on-site, hands-on consulting and operations management that provides complete data center management to customers who own and operate large data centers. Critical Facilities Management services go beyond the realm of traditional consulting, and include customized, end-to-end optimization and complete management of customer data centers.

With Critical Facilities Management, customers can take advantage of services that exceed the limitations of traditional consulting. Vantage builds dedicated teams of employees to manage all elements of the data center on-site, including power, HVAC, security and environmental maintenance, on a day-to-day basis. The introduction of Critical Facilities Management allows Vantage to provide a comprehensive set of services for running customer data centers.

Vantage brings a high level of experience to maximizing data center operations. Through Critical Facilities Management, customer leadership teams work closely with Vantage to determine the best data infrastructure strategy for their specific needs. Additionally, Vantage deploys an operations team to manage a company’s data center move in, migration and/or optimization/fine tuning to achieve optimal efficiencies.

Businesses are encountering ever more complex data infrastructure needs with the advent of cloud and hybrid solutions, and the explosion of Big Data. Vantage works with and optimizes existing electrical systems and infrastructure to maintain maximum uptime, achieve optimal PUE, provide guidance on power capacity, and determine best practices for data center maintenance and testing.

The introduction of new technologies to drive high efficiency has IT departments looking at newer and increasingly advanced methods of running the data center, making comprehensive solutions more important than ever. Critical Facilities Management provides guidance on data center security, as well as the environmental aspects of the data center. This includes shipping and receiving of all equipment, landscape maintenance, trash removal and all other operations and maintenance items.


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